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Body Breakouts


Chest and back acne can be really frustrating.  It can make you incredibly self-conscious, even more so now that the weather is warming up and the allure of tank tops, sundresses, and bikinis call to us.  I totally get it!  I’m an oily-skinned gal and prone to breakouts and I’ve been there.  So what can you do to combat these invaders?  Here are some basic tips:

  1. Treat your back and chest like your face — which means you need to wash those areas twice a day like you would your face (at least I hope you’re washing your face twice a day!).  If that means you need to take two showers a day or get creative in the bathroom in order to cleanse your back, then do it.  But you sweat and then cover it in clothing all day and all night; those areas must be washed.  Find the time, wake up earlier, but trust that doing this twice a day will greatly improve your back/chest acne.
  2. Wear clean clothes and check your laundry detergent.  This may sound silly, but it’s important that what goes on your body is clean.  Laundry detergent can be irritating and many people have allergies to traditional detergents.  Look for detergents that are free and clear of dyes and fragrances or that are formulated for sensitive skin.  Don’t be dirty, wash your sheets and pillowcases twice a week too.
  3. You can use the same stuff you use on your face as you do your body.  Seriously.  I use my facial cleansers, toners, retinol serums, and acne treatments on my chest and back.  Skin is skin and if it works for your face, it will work for you body.  With that being said, because the oil glands and pores can be larger on the back, you might need to up the strength.  I recommend a minimum 2% salicylic acid or 5% benzoyl peroxide cleanser.  Cleanse your back, use a toner formulated with salicylic acid and AHAs (you’ll be doing a lot of reaching, but it has to be done), and then an acne treatment lotion with, again, more salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.  Do this twice a day.
  4. Keep your hair off your back.  Oils, conditioners, hair sprays, and any other hair products can transfer to your skin, so it’s important to keep your hair off your face and back.  When I’m at home, I wear my hair up.  In the shower, I wash and condition my hair first, then cleanse my back and chest afterwards to make sure there isn’t any shampoo or conditioner residue left behind.  I wear a robe that offers full coverage of my back when I’m blow drying and styling my hair so my hair products aren’t getting onto my skin.
  5. Get a back facial.  Yes, those are a thing.  If your acne is severe, having an esthetician perform extractions on your back will help clear out those pores.  It works the same as a typical facial with cleansing, toning, a mask, massage, and serums targeted for your skin concern.  I find them relaxing as well, so it’s worth working in one or two of those a month if your wallet can afford it.

There you have it!  Leave a comment if you have any questions!

Lancer: The Method

I first heard about Dr. Lancer’s products when I was in esthetician school.  A client, who I was performing an upper lip wax on (followed by a microderm), had the most gorgeous, porcelain skin I’d ever seen on a woman in her 60s.  I asked her about her current skincare routine and she exclaimed she’d been using Dr. Lancer’s products for years and raved about them.  She confessed to always wearing sunscreen too. Read the rest of this entry »

Simply Divine! Caudalie Divine Oil

In my last post, I talked about mineral oil and why/how to avoid it in your bath and body products.  Today I’m sharing a new favorite body oil that I’m obsessed with! Let me preface by saying that I love a good body oil.  I adore how hydrating they are to my skin and the radiant glow they give.  I will almost always choose a body oil over a body lotion for every day use.

Anyway, on to the review!

What It Does:

“This luxurious dry oil moisturizes, nourishes and enhances the face, body and hair, thanks to its unique formula made with exceptional blend of oils (grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan) combined with our patented anti-oxidant Polyphenols. It envelops the skin with a subtle, floral and sun-kissed fragrance, with woody notes.” – Caudalie

Basically, Divine Oil is an incredibly gorgeous dry oil fill with extremely nourishing plant-based oils: grapeseed, sunflower, hibiscus, sesame, and argan oils as well as Vitamin E and shea butter extract plus anti-oxidants.  This is super hydrating and feels completely luxurious! Not to mention, the scent is absolutely beautiful!  There is something very sunkissed, beachy, and natural about the fragrance, though it is light and doesn’t transfer to clothing.

It comes in a lovely glass spray bottle that can be a little slippery when you’re hands are oily, but the back of the bottle conveniently has grooves for your fingers to grip the bottle to prevent slippage.  The bottle makes a great display in any bathroom or on a vanity.

I would say this is suitable for all skin types, except if maybe you’re particularly sensitive to fragrances.  They don’t bother me, so I enjoy products with fragrance.  This beautiful oil is acceptable to use on your face and in your hair as well, though I wouldn’t use the oil on my face in the morning.

It contains no parabens, mineral oils, animal ingredients, sodium laureth sulfate, or phthalates.  It’s just a really luxurious product that does what it says it does and uses incredible plant-based oils that are fantastic for your skin.

I also plan to pick up the sister product, Divine Scrub, to use in the shower.  They also make a candle with the same fragrance!  Amazing!

Divine Oil is available at Sephora for $49.

Casual Sunday in Easy Neutrals

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Dolce & Gabbana Sunnies!

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Quick Morning Routine


So this is my super quick, go-to morning routine. Nothing fancy. Just what I need to get my skin prepped for the day. 

Image Skin Care Clear Cell Cleanser, Clear Cell Salicylic Clarifying Tonic, Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion, Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm, and Vital C Hydrating Repair Crème. 

If I have more time, I might add a serum or two, but this is the very basic routine and what I’m using currently. 

You can find Image Skin Care on Amazon and the Algenist eye balm is a trial size I received in a Sephora 500-point beauty item. 

Mineral Oil – Why You Should Avoid It

I’m a huge fan of body oils.  I prefer a good body oil over body lotion any day.  Drugstore body lotions and shower gels are almost always filled with mineral oil – aka The Devil of the skincare and body care industry!  It actually requires effort to find a body lotion or shower gel without this stuff in it!  Read the rest of this entry »